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"3x Your Inquiries


Your school needs enrollments. We help you get them.

Is Your School Facing These Challenges?

Most schools face these problems:

  • Lack of enrollments

  • Not standing out in the market

  • Admissions officers lack sales skills to get new referrals

  • No clear sales process or follow-up

  • Marketing is not integrated with recruiting (resulting in wasted money)

  • School leaders are more worried about revenue than academic leadership

Revamp Your Admissions Process with Our

Done-for-You Sales System

We provide a complete, done-for-you revamping of your admissions process. It all starts with a comprehensive audit of your sales process, followed by training for your admissions team to become high-converting sales reps.

Our approach includes specific actionable tactics, such as phone scripts, organization skills, email templates, sales tracking, and follow-up systems, to improve your overall enrollment performance.

What sets us apart is our proprietary sales system, specifically designed for admission officers. This allows us to not only audit your current admissions process but also build bespoke sales systems that are tailored to your institution's unique needs and goals. With our system and training, your staff can convert above industry standards, ensuring that you achieve your desired enrollment outcomes.

We Implement the 5 Module ENROL System to

3x Your Inquiries This Semester...

Our ENROL System is a proprietary sales "toolkit" that enables us to build a complete end-to-end admissions process for your institution in just 30 days or less.

Imagine no longer worrying about revenue ever again. With our system, you'll have the tools you need to stay one step ahead of the competition and achieve your enrollment goals. Don't wait any longer to take your admissions process to the next level. Partner with us today and see the difference for yourself.

1. The Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Learn the 12 traits of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs.

  • Learn the key Entrepreneurial Sales Skills crucial for successful recruiting.

  • How to treat future families as investors in your school.

2. New Foundational Skills

  • Discover the missing funnel of the admission process

  • Learn the key universe of referral sources

  • Learn the how telling the right story is the key to enrollment

3. Results Oriented Strategies

  • Learn and use the GOST technique  to empower yourself to achieve your admissions goals

  • Discover how to integrate team and individual goals 

  • Why objective based planning must be part of your daily routine

4. Results Oriented Implementation

  • Learn the scripts that give you a better engagement with calls, letters and emails

  • Learn how to handle objections from feeder schools, consultants and families

  • Know that techniques that help you best communicate based base on what motivates people

5. Leadership Skills of the Profession

  • Learn how to best communicate with your head and the board to engender their support.

  • Fine tuning your hiring priorities so you have a person who best fits both your culture and the work ethic to enhance your goals.

  • Learn how to develop and maintain a state of dynamic readiness both in your professional and personal life.

Revolutionize Your Admissions Approach:

Proven Strategies for Enrollment Success

Are you tired of your admission office doing the same old things and hoping for different results? Or are you wasting money on marketing campaigns that your admissions team doesn't have the skills or commitment to implement?

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you're stuck in a cycle, but there is a better way.

We've taken the best strategies from sales, entrepreneurship, and admissions best practices to bring you success. Our proven process carefully weaves each step together to eliminate roadblocks and missteps, so you can finally regain control of your enrollment and your peace of mind.

With our program, you'll have a daily process that will ultimately achieve your institution's yearly revenue goals.

Don't bury your head in the sand - be smart about your admissions approach. Join us today and see the results for yourself.


Imagine having our team of experts completely reimagine your admission process. At the end of 30 days we'll build you...


Phone Scripts:

Our customized phone scripts boost conversion rates by helping your team establish rapport, address concerns, and achieve more enrollments.


Organization Skills:

We develop a customized system to streamline your sales process and ensure that no potential student falls through the cracks.


Sales Tracking:

Our comprehensive tracking system allows you to measure the effectiveness of your sales team and identify areas for improvement, leading to better data-driven decisions.


Email Templates:

Our tailored email templates help you communicate with prospects, follow up, and ultimately close more deals, while saving time.


Follow-Up Systems:

Our customized system ensures that you stay in touch with prospects, automatically sending follow-up emails and scheduling phone calls until they're ready to enroll. This leads to stronger relationships and more enrollments.

What Makes Our Training System Different?

Complete Step-By-Step Plan

With over 30 years of experience as a head of school, director of admissions, and fundraising, our founder Tom Schenck is a seasoned expert in the education industry. He has also achieved remarkable success in the field of national advertising sales, earning a place in the top 1%. In addition, Tom is the host of "A Day In The Life" podcast and the publisher of "ROR Magazine" for admission professionals.

With Tom's extensive background and expertise, there's no one better equipped to fully understand your school and deliver the sales results you want.

Done for You Sales Build

We not only build the necessary sales processes you need but also train your staff to be proactive in their recruiting approach.

Many schools hesitate to focus on sales, but by partnering with us, you can gain a competitive edge over them. We'll help you implement effective sales processes and equip your team with the skills they need to enroll more families, ensuring that you don't lose out on admissions to your competitors.

Bullet Proof Marketing Solution

Is your marketing failing to produce the results you want? It's likely because it's not connected to your sales process. The good news is, we can fix that. By aligning your marketing and sales efforts, we'll help you achieve a better return on investment for all your marketing endeavors.

Don't let your marketing go to waste - partner with us and start seeing results.

What My Clients Are Saying About Me

Robin Jarchow
Head Of School

Tom's dynamic personality and creative approach helped change our team's mindset from passive to proactive... They became empowered and added over 2,000 more referral sources, and dramatically increased our applications in 3 months!

Todd Eckenfelder

Director of Residential Admissions George Stevens Academy

Tom. So much of the inspiration behind this creative output, what we are doing now, and what processes we will use moving forward have been heavily influenced by your guidance and inspiration, and most importantly, your encouragement

Alan Haas


Tom, It is good to know that you remain committed to 'vanquishing evil' and promoting opportunities for youth around the world to become all that they are to become. Yours is a life well spent. Well done!"

Peter Thorp

Headmaster Emeritus

Tom Schenck is a leader in the field of independent school admissions-a brilliant combination of decades of experience with tried and true approaches with imaginative outside-the-box strategic thinking that's so important in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Clara Duff


Tom's careful, attentive, and supportive guidance, along with his ever-upbeat presence, were invaluable to me in my daunting task of doubling our institution's Annual Fund. From dealing with boards to dealing with donors, from the basics of board reports to holistic mantras of encouragement and healthy attitudes, I was empowered with every consultation. Tom's personal experience in the trenches of leadership, institutional operations, and marketing, along with his personal positive energy, make him a gem of an ally.

Anthony McHale


I have known Tom for forty years and in that time I have developed the highest regard for him as a trusted and valued colleague and a dear friend. He is a man of exceptional kindness, grace, generosity, and achievement. Over the course of his life and career, he has developed the valuable skills of adapting to adversity and problem solving with exemplary self-discipline, open-mindedness, cooperation, and patience. And perhaps Tom's greatest gift is the fact that he never fails to find the inherent good and potential in people and organizations....

Michael Robinson

Head Of School Stuart Hall School

Regarding the materials you've created, I think you're a master teacher. There is an obvious pedagogical organization that would make any admission officer feel incredibly encouraged and excited by the opportunity to grow. I could hear a rookie or experienced pro looking at this and saying to themselves, "this will take me to the next level; it's the secret sauce that makes some people great!

Joseph Loftin
Headmaster Emeritus,
Wasatch Academy

Throughout my three plus decade tenure as the Head of School of Wasatch Academy I have had the privilege to associate with Tom Schenck as a friend, colleague, employee, and consultant.

Regardless of circumstances Tom maintains a high level of enthusiasm towards life. This attitude nurtures his extraordinary capacity for empathy and forward-thinking when addressing institutional challenges and matters of concern impacting individuals and organizations.

Wasatch Academy has benefitted from his leadership as the Head of Advancement during his five years of service in this role and his wisdom and knowledge as a consultant over the last five years.

Tom's vast experience at Independent Schools as a teacher, coach, admission director, head of advancement, and Head of School gives him a depth of insight regarding school operations and governance invaluable to administrators and trustees.

Dear Friend,

I know how stressful it can be when you're struggling to meet your revenue goals. It can keep you up at night and take the joy out of serving your faculty and students. That's why I want to share with you the #1 leverage for success: becoming sales-centric.

Our complete Done-For-You ENROL System is guaranteed to remove the mystery from achieving an abundance of applicants and cash flow. We will work with you to build a bespoke system that is tailored to your institution's unique needs and goals.

If you're interested in learning more about how our ENROL System can transform your admissions process and increase your enrollment, I invite you to join me on an admissions call. Together, we can explore if this system is the right fit for your institution.


Tom Schenck